How To Tell If A Woman Has Multiple Partners


If you want to find out if a woman has multiple partners then you are in for an uphill task. Women are not as forthcoming about their sexual history as men and will often lie or withhold information if they think it could make them look bad.

Also women are actually much better at hiding an affair in a marriage setting than men are. So if you are really set on finding out this information then you will have to be very creative in your approach.

Why Are You Trying To Find Out?

If this is a woman you are not dating and you are just curious then you have no business trying to find out this information. If she is someone you are thinking about starting a relationship with then you need to ask yourself why you are so worried about her sexual history.

Are you afraid she will cheat on you? Are you afraid of getting an STD? Or are you just a control freak that needs to know everything about everyone?

If you are afraid of her cheating then you need to ask yourself why you are considering starting a relationship with someone you don’t trust. If you are worried about STDs then you should get tested yourself before starting a sexual relationship with anyone and you should also use protection.

Asking Her Directly

This is probably the most obvious way to try and find out if a woman has multiple partners but it is also the least likely to get you an honest answer. If you just come out and ask her point blank she is either going to lie to you or she is going to get very defensive and angry.

Instead of just asking her directly you need to try and get her to open up to you about her sexual history. Ask her how many partners she has had in the past and how she feels about sex. Be sure not to sound judgmental or prudish.

You should also be prepared to share your own sexual history with her. This will make it more likely that she will be comfortable enough to do the same but its no guarantee as women will often not reveal their sexual history for fear of being judged.

In A Relationship Setting

If this is a woman you are dating or married to then there are a few signs you need to look for that could indicate she has multiple partners.

Here are some tips on how to tell if a woman has multiple partners:

-One of the most obvious signs is if she is always working late or going out with friends whom you don’t know and she is not willing to introduce you to them.

-If she is never around when you want to spend time with her then it could be because she is spending that time with someone else.

-She is very secretive about her phone and computer usage and will often delete texts and emails after reading them.

-She is very evasive when answering questions about her whereabouts and who she was with.

-She has multiple credit cards and phone numbers that she uses which you don’t know about.

-She always has a ready excuse for why she doesn’t want to be intimate with you.

-She is regularly buying new clothes and lingerie even though she doesn’t need them.

-She is always talking about other men in a flirtatious way.

-She goes out a lot more than she used to and always has something else planned when you want to spend time with her.

If you notice any of these things then it is possible that she is seeing someone else. The best way to confirm this though is to catch her in the act or get her to confess to it. This can be very difficult to do though so you need to be prepared for the worst.

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