Vultures Help Safeguard Wildlife in Zambia’s Kafue National Park


Kafue National Park in Zambia, spanning 22,000 square kilometers, stands as the country’s largest national park. It is a vital habitat for carnivores such as cheetahs, lions, and African wild dogs, which play a crucial role in maintaining the ecosystem’s health. However, the park has suffered from rampant direct poaching, resulting in a drastic 25 percent decline in the population of these animals. To combat this threat, Kafue National Park has implemented an innovative law enforcement strategy focused on proactive methods to preserve the park’s integrity.

Revival of Lion and Leopard Populations:

After decades of poaching, there are promising signs of a modest comeback for lion and leopard populations in Kafue National Park. This resurgence can be attributed to expanded protection strategies and the adoption of innovative approaches. One such approach involves tagging vultures with satellite trackers, enabling wildlife managers to quickly identify poached or poisoned carcasses. This early detection not only saves the vultures but also helps protect the big cats.

Utilizing Vultures as Indicators:

In some parts of Africa, livestock owners resort to poisoning cow carcasses with agricultural pesticides as retribution for lions preying on their cattle. Unfortunately, this practice also attracts critically endangered white-backed and hooded vultures, leading to their decline. By tagging vultures with satellite trackers, conservationists gain valuable insights into potential poisoning incidents. This information allows park staff to dispose of the poisoned carcasses promptly and aids in tracking down the perpetrators responsible for the poisoning.

The Importance of Vulture Conservation:

The decline of both white-backed and hooded vultures is a cause for concern, as they are critically endangered species. Their population has declined by over 90 percent in West Africa over the past four decades, primarily due to poisoning incidents. These vultures play a critical role in disease control and waste removal, making their conservation efforts equally significant as those for more charismatic animals like lions.

Successes and Future Steps:

Since 2021, Kafue National Park has tagged 19 vultures with satellite trackers, enabling the detection of suspected poisoning incidents near the park. This proactive approach has yielded positive results by identifying potential threats early on. Furthermore, the implementation of approximately 40 anti-poaching patrol teams has contributed to stable or increased densities of big cats, such as lions, from 2018 to 2022. The park’s law enforcement efforts and intensive protection zones have played a crucial role in curbing direct poaching and ensuring the safety of wildlife.


Kafue National Park in Zambia is taking proactive measures to combat the rampant poaching that has affected its carnivore populations. By tagging vultures with satellite trackers, the park has gained valuable insights into potential poisoning incidents, allowing for prompt action. This innovative approach, coupled with increased law enforcement efforts and intensive protection zones, has shown promising results in reviving lion and leopard populations. With continued dedication to conservation, Kafue National Park aims to safeguard its wildlife and preserve the integrity of this important ecosystem for generations to come.

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