Go2Africa: Crafting Unique African Adventures


Go2Africa is a pioneer and leading player in the travel and tourism industry, specializing in unique, tailor-made travel experiences across the African continent. The company, based on its unwavering commitment to superior service, offers trips that cater to a variety of preferences and budgets. Established by a team of travel enthusiasts in 1998, Go2Africa is driven by a vision to offer transformative, unforgettable journeys that connect travelers with Africa’s heart and soul.

Company History

Since its inception, Go2Africa has created an enviable reputation for delivering unparalleled travel services. From its early days as a small start-up to its current position as a key player in African tourism, the company has consistently focused on creating authentic, immersive experiences. It’s key achievements include expanding its operations to cover every country in Africa and pioneering sustainable, eco-friendly tourism practices on the continent.

Products and Services

Go2Africa’s array of services includes exclusive safari tours, custom-made travel experiences, beach and island vacations, and much more. Each tour is meticulously crafted to provide a balance of exploration, relaxation, and cultural immersion. The company caters to a vast range of destinations including but not limited to South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, and the Seychelles.

Leadership Team

Go2Africa’s leadership team is made up of industry veterans, each bringing a unique set of skills and experiences to the table. They are instrumental in maintaining the company’s standard of excellence, driving innovation, and ensuring continuous growth. The team’s shared passion for Africa and commitment to sustainability is reflected in every decision they make.

Company Structure and Staff

The company, despite its international presence, maintains a close-knit environment, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation among its employees. Go2Africa’s diverse team is its greatest asset, with expertise spanning from logistics, travel planning to customer service. The company’s operations extend from its headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa to numerous satellite offices across the continent.

Core Values and Culture

Go2Africa’s core values revolve around customer satisfaction, sustainable tourism, and a deep love for the African continent. The company prides itself on its eco-conscious practices and actively contributes to local communities and conservation efforts. The Go2Africa culture is characterized by a spirit of adventure, a commitment to excellence, and a genuine passion for showcasing the best of Africa.

Partnerships and Associations

Go2Africa’s impressive portfolio has been built on strong partnerships with local guides, accommodations, and transportation providers, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity. The company is also a proud member of various industry associations, further testament to their commitment to professional, ethical conduct.

Accolades and Recognition

Over the years, Go2Africa has been honored with numerous awards, recognizing their outstanding services and commitment to sustainable tourism. But the greatest testament to their success comes from the numerous positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients, who often return for another Go2Africa experience.

Future Plans

Go2Africa continues to innovate and enhance its services, with a vision of expanding its footprint even further. The company is actively exploring new, off-the-beaten-path destinations and creating more diverse packages to cater to the evolving needs of the modern traveler.


With its rich history, excellent service, and unflinching dedication to providing memorable African journeys, Go2Africa is more than just a travel company; it’s a gateway to experiencing the diverse beauty and culture of Africa.

Gerald Omondi
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