My Husband Embarrasses Me


It can be difficult to deal with the embarrassment of a husband. Whether its his actions and behaviour that are making you uncomfortable when family and friends are around, or his clothing choices, it can be an uncomfortable situation.

Be The Best Version Of You First

Often times we are quick to note the areas in which our partners are failing us, while forgetting to take a look at ourselves. Before you try to get your husband to change his behaviour, it is important to consider if you are being the best version of yourself.

Are you the best version of yourself in public?

Would he or is he proud of you based on how you carry yourself?

Are you showing him the respect and love he deserves?

Are your expectations and criticisms reasonable?

Is there a way for you to be understanding and supportive rather than critical?

These questions can help to start the conversation in an understanding manner and give you a better chance of coming up with the best solution for your situation.

Communication Is Key

The most important thing to do when your husband embarrasses you is to talk to him about it. Rather than holding in your feelings and letting them build up, share with him what is making you uncomfortable.

Explain to him why and how his behaviour or clothing choices are affecting you, as well as your relationship with other people. Be sure to remain respectful and understanding as you discuss the issue.

If it is his dressing that’s embarrassing to you, another approach would be to get him involved in helping you pick out clothes for him. This way you can both have a say and come to an agreement that would make both of you happy.

Be Supportive and Encouraging

It can be difficult to feel embarrassed by our partner’s behaviour, but it is important to remember that they are still the person we love and cherish. It is best to approach them in a supportive manner, rather than resorting to criticism or shame.

Offer words of encouragement and remind your husband that you are on his side, even if you don’t agree with some of the things he does.

Ultimately, it is important to understand that everyone has flaws and making mistakes is a part of life. Our partners are no exception. Being supportive and understanding can go a long way in helping them to make better choices so you don’t have to feel embarrassed.

At The End Of The Day…

Only you can decide what something means if you can’t change his behaviour then change how you feel about it. It is said that what hurts us isn’t what happens to us but our interpretation.

You are getting embarrassed because of how you are interpreting it in relation to you.

If you can make an effort to understand your husband’s behaviour, be the best version of yourself, communicate openly and effectively, and be supportive and encouraging, you can work through any embarrassment that arises.

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