Ugandan Soldiers Raid Police Station, Free Detained Colleagues


Ugandan authorities are investigating an incident in which soldiers stormed a police station in Ndejje, Wakiso District, just outside the capital city of Kampala on Wednesday night.

The soldiers held officers on duty at gunpoint before freeing fellow colleagues who had been detained for allegedly setting up illegal roadblocks.

The suspects had reportedly been arrested and detained at the Lumuli Police Station after they were caught robbing victims at an illegal roadblock they had set up in the Kakoola village in Ndejje Parish.

When the police refused to hand over the suspects, the soldiers drew their guns and freed them. The army has previously denied allegations that its officers are involved in illegal roadblocks, accusing civilian gangs of stealing military equipment and using it to commit crimes.

Authorities are now seeking to re-arrest the suspects and those who aided their escape.

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