Egyptian Actress Menna Shalabi Receives Suspended Jail Sentence for Cannabis Possession


Menna Shalabi is an Egyptian actress who has received a one-year suspended jail sentence for possession of cannabis. According to the AFP news agency, the drug was found in lollipops and other snacks in her bags while she was travelling from the United States to Cairo. Shalabi has previously been nominated for an Emmy Award.


Cannabis is illegal in Egypt, but it is still used by many people in the country. In November, Shalabi was arrested at the airport and denied that the drugs found in her possession belonged to her. Despite its illegal status, cannabis is legal in some parts of the United States.

Possession of cannabis in Egypt can result in imprisonment and fines, although the penalties for possession can vary depending on the amount of the drug found and the individual’s intention for using it. The possession of large amounts of cannabis or the intention to distribute the drug can result in more severe punishment.

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