Transgender Female Ice Hockey Player Injures A Transgender Males Sending Him To Hospital


Last updated on January 2nd, 2023 at 10:10 pm

A transgender ice hockey tournament that was organized and promoted by the NHL has resulted in an unfortunate incident. A transgender female player has sent a transgender male player to the hospital after an accident that resulted in a concussion during the game.

The NHL has recently been trying to increase diversity and inclusion in the sport, and this incident has put a spotlight on events involving transgender athletes and players.

The transgender male player who was injured is currently doing fine as he commented on Twitter that he had an amazing time participating in the tournament with the player named Mason.

The incident highlights the importance of safety and respect in the sport of ice hockey, and the NHL is committed to continuing to provide a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment for all but it also raises questions as to whether more could have been done to ensure the safety of all players.

playing ice hockey
Players Playing Ice Hockey Photo by April Walker on Unsplash

Critics have long urged that biological males are physically stronger than their female counterparts and that transgender female athletes should not be allowed to compete against biological males. According to these critics, allowing such a physical match-up could put biological female athletes at an unfair disadvantage as the biological male’s physical strength would give them an advantage.

While this debate is likely to continue for some time, the incident highlights the importance of safety and respect in sports, regardless of gender. The NHL must remain vigilant and ensure that they are providing a safe environment for all players, while trying to promoting an inclusive and diverse atmosphere.

The event dubbed “Team Trans Draft Tournament” was an effort towards the goal of inclusion, featuring a “Team Black” vs “Team Pink” and included a Boston based Trans Team.

A Video of the incident shows a player from Team Pink, a Trans woman shoving a player from Team Black (a biological female) who takes what appears to be a light bump onto the ice. The player then suffered a concussion.

Team pink which was made up of Trans women went on to beat Team Black (which was made up of biological females) 7-1 in a game that some who watched described as ‘one-sided’.

The incident has understandably divided opinion and has sparked a debate around the safety of trans men (Biological Females) competing against trans women (biological males)

The NHL has since taken to twitter to state that the NHL was proud to support the tournament which was held in Middleton, Wisconsin.

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