Does the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Come With a Charger?


As a new star in the galaxy of Samsung’s flagship lineup, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has taken the tech world by storm with its advanced features, powerful processing capabilities, and a camera that’s second to none. But amidst the marvel of its release, an intriguing question arises: does the S22 Ultra come with a charger?

The Big Reveal

In response to this question, we have a simple yet significant answer: no. If you’re preparing to welcome your new S22 Ultra, the box will reveal the phone, a USB-C cable, a SIM ejector tool, the standard documentation – but notably, no charger.

Decoding Samsung’s Strategy

At first glance, Samsung’s decision to forego the inclusion of a charger seems puzzling. However, the rationale behind this move is multifaceted. Samsung, like many tech conglomerates, is aiming to minimize its environmental footprint. By eliminating the charger, they’re actively reducing electronic waste and the need for excessive packaging.

Cost-effectiveness is another key element influencing this decision. The production of millions of chargers involves significant expenditure. By eliminating them, Samsung can potentially lower the S22 Ultra’s price or reallocate those savings to enhance the phone’s features.

Moreover, Samsung’s decision is also rooted in the belief that many consumers already possess a multitude of compatible chargers from their previous devices.

This trend isn’t unique to Samsung, though. Apple initiated this change by discontinuing chargers with the iPhone 12, a move that, despite initial criticism, is gradually becoming an industry standard.

Historical Context: Samsung’s Approach

Samsung isn’t new to this charger-free strategy. This change was first implemented with the Galaxy S21, citing the same reasons of environmental consciousness and cost-saving.

While consumer and critic reactions were varied, Samsung has adhered to its decision, marking a significant shift in what’s traditionally included in a new phone’s box.

Consequences and Considerations

This move brings several implications for consumers. The necessity to purchase a separate charger could be an unexpected extra expense for some.

This could also affect Samsung’s sales, at least temporarily. Potential buyers who were expecting a charger might gravitate towards a different brand that still includes one.

On an industry-wide scale, Samsung’s move could inspire other smartphone manufacturers to follow suit, potentially leading to a new norm where electronic devices are sold without certain key accessories.

How To Charge The Galaxy S22

Even without a charger in the box, charging your Galaxy S22 Ultra isn’t a challenge. The device supports USB-C charging, so any existing USB-C charger will suffice. Furthermore, the device is also compatible with wireless charging, providing an additional option for replenishing the battery.

Best Chargers To Buy For The Galaxy S22

For those who need to purchase a new charger, several options are available. Samsung itself sells both 25W and 45W fast chargers on its website. These chargers are guaranteed to be compatible and optimized for fast charging capabilities of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.


Samsung’s decision to exclude a charger with the Galaxy S22 Ultra might initially surprise consumers. But, aligning with a broader industry trend towards sustainability and cost reduction, it presents a new consideration for potential buyers.

The ultimate verdict on this trend’s positivity or negativity largely depends on individual perspective and the number of spare chargers in one’s drawer. Nevertheless, it’s an important development in the smartphone world, and we’re eager to see how other industry players and consumers will react to this shift.

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