iPhone 15: A Closer Look at the Upcoming Generation


With the iPhone 15 on the horizon, leaks and rumors have been circulating about the highly anticipated device. Recently, an unboxing video surfaced, offering the closest look yet at the next generation iPhone. This article delves into the key points and features highlighted in the video, providing insights into the potential changes and upgrades we can expect from the iPhone 15.

  1. USB-C Port: One significant change that the video highlighted is the shift from the proprietary Lightning port to a USB-C port. This move is believed to be a response to government regulations and discussions surrounding standardized connectors in Europe. The inclusion of a USB-C port would not only allow for faster charging but also provide compatibility with other USB-C devices.
  2. Improved Bezel Size: According to the video, the iPhone 15 is rumored to feature a reduced bezel size, resulting in an enhanced screen-to-body ratio. The slimmed-down bezels create a more immersive visual experience, making the device feel futuristic and modern.
  3. Periscope Lens: Another exciting rumor surrounding the iPhone 15 is the inclusion of a periscope lens. Although not explicitly confirmed in the video, the camera layout appears similar to the previous generation iPhone. The periscope lens, if present, would offer improved zoom capabilities, enabling users to capture high-quality photos and videos from a distance.
  4. Matte Finish and Brushed Metal Frame: The unboxing video showcased an extremely matte finish on the back of the iPhone 15, which provided a unique and grippy texture. Additionally, the frame of the device featured a brushed metal look, possibly indicating the use of titanium, similar to the Apple Watch Ultra. This choice of material would not only enhance durability but also contribute to a sleek and premium aesthetic.
  5. Button Changes: The video revealed a departure from the traditional physical buttons on the iPhone. The iconic silent/vibrate switch has been replaced with a button, potentially featuring action capabilities similar to the Ultra Watch. The volume buttons have also been redesigned into a uniform rocker configuration, offering a consistent user experience.
  6. Slimmer Bezels: One of the standout features of the iPhone 15 showcased in the video was the significantly reduced bezels. While measuring just a fraction of a millimeter difference, the slimmed-down bezels create a more narrow and modern look, improving the overall handling and reachability of the device.
  7. Potential Titanium Build: Based on the brushed metal frame and the use of titanium in the Apple Watch Ultra, there is speculation that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max variants may feature a titanium build. This choice of material would provide increased strength, weight savings, and a premium feel to the device.
  8. Battery Improvements: There are rumors suggesting that the iPhone 15 may be slightly thicker than its predecessor, potentially allowing for improved battery capacity. This increase in thickness could lead to enhanced battery life, addressing a common concern among smartphone users.


The unboxing video of the iPhone 15 provides an exciting glimpse into the upcoming generation of Apple’s iconic smartphone. While the authenticity of the device in the video cannot be confirmed, the highlighted features and rumored changes give us a good idea of what to expect. The shift to a USB-C port, improved bezel size, potential periscope lens, matte finish, button changes, slimmer bezels, and the possibility of a titanium build all contribute to the anticipation surrounding the iPhone 15. As with any smartphone upgrade, the value of these changes will vary among users, but the iPhone 15 is poised to offer an impressive package of design and functionality when it finally hits the market.

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