Sportybet Kenya Gets Its License Suspended


The popular betting platform Sportybet Kenya has had its license suspended. As to why the license has been suspended is yet to be clarified. The suspension is a major setback for the betting platform, impacting both the current customers and potential new customers in Kenya.

The decision by the Kenya Betting Control And Licensing Board will have negative ramifications on Sportybet users as they have not been able to place bets while Sportybet license is suspended. It also means that Sportybet may have its market share in Kenya reduced, as customers switch to other betting platforms.

A statement of their twitter page states that they are having technical issues.

Safari Travel Plus News has contacted Kenya Betting Control And Licensing Board and they have confirmed that their license has been suspended.

We have also been informed that its not a permanent suspension and that Sportybet is trying to address the issues so as to be back on track soon.

Early this month with the world cup ongoing users of the platform were not able to withdraw their winnings on the platform something that caused a lot of anger even on social media.

Sportybet has however facilitated withdrawals for their users but no deposits are possible on the platform.

Sportbet is popular with Kenyan as it offers great odds great bonuses and a great cash out option that enables users to cash out their winnings at any time. It also offers a wide range of options for sports betting and has several bonuses that users can get when they sign up.

Their user interface is also very easy to use as it is mobile friendly and gives users the ability to place bets easily, get to see which slips have on going games and even partly cash out their winnings automatically once it hits a certain value.

With these and other features its easy to see why many Kenyan users are still waiting for the suspension to be lifted and the platform to be back in action.

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