Robert Kennedy Jr. Holds CIA Responsible for JFK’s Assassination


In a provocative revelation, Robert Kennedy Jr., the Democratic presidential hopeful, has claimed that the CIA was responsible for his uncle, U.S. President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, 60 years ago. Speaking to Sky News senior reporter, Adam Walters, Kennedy insisted that the CIA remains actively involved in covering up its role.

JFK’s assassination on November 22, 1963, is one of the darkest chapters in U.S. history. The event shook the world and has since generated a vast library of conspiracy theories and speculation. It has been widely debated in over a thousand books, each presenting varying theories of the assassination plot.

However, for Robert Kennedy Jr., who was pictured with JFK as a young boy in the Oval Office, there is no mystery. The presidential hopeful stated, “The mountain of evidence that the CIA was not only involved in my uncle’s murder but that they also managed the cover-up, is beyond any reasonable doubt.”

Kennedy, an experienced attorney, expressed his confidence in successfully convicting certain members of the CIA, based on the weight of the evidence available. This evidence includes confessions from certain individuals known to be involved in JFK’s murder, some of which were reportedly made on their deathbeds.

Recounting the incident, Kennedy stated that Lee Harvey Oswald, the sniper arrested for firing the fatal shots, was actually a CIA asset, working for the agency since 1957. Oswald was killed two days after JFK’s assassination, reinforcing the belief held by 61% of Americans, according to a 2013 poll, that Oswald was not acting alone.

Robert Kennedy Jr. suggests that the motivation behind JFK’s assassination could be his defiance of military and intelligence advice to invade communist Cuba, and his subsequent reluctance to deploy in Vietnam.

Kennedy also hinted at the possibility of CIA’s involvement in his father, Robert Francis Kennedy’s murder in Los Angeles, as he campaigned to complete JFK’s work. While he admitted the evidence is circumstantial, he said he was personally quite certain of the CIA’s role in his father’s murder.

Reflecting on the tragedies, Kennedy revealed his mother’s advice about dealing with the loss of loved ones, “It never gets any smaller; it’s always there. But our job is to try to grow ourselves bigger around it.”

Now, at the age of 69, Kennedy, mindful of his family history and the so-called “Kennedy curse”, is preparing to become the fourth Kennedy to bid for the presidential candidacy, despite acknowledging the inherent risks.

Kennedy stated that he wouldn’t campaign against the gun lobby, as he firmly believes in the right to bear arms in America. He considers any attempt to limit gun use or gun ownership as a direct assault on the fundamental rights of Americans.

Despite his family’s painful history with gun violence, Kennedy remains steadfast in his belief, stating, “It’s not the time right now to go and tell people we’re going to take your guns because they’re already feeling besieged and beleaguered.”

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