The Kenya Horticultural Council


The Kenya Horticultural Council (KHC) established in 2016 was officially launched in a colourful event held on July 21, 2017 at Pride Inn Hotel, Nairobi.

KHC is an apex body founded by Kenya Flower Council ,KFC and Fresh Produce Consortium Kenya, FPEAK whose overarching mandate is to foster compliance to KS1758 and other standards and to lobby for a better business environment both locally and abroad.

It is also mandated to champion the Kenya horticulture industry growth and development by providing high level lobbying and advocacy services for the industry with the aim of facilitating and sustaining access to existing and emerging markets. It will support the industry to comply with various international market standards and will be at the forefront in the implementation of the horticulture standards for flowers and ornamentals as outlined in KS 1758 Part 1 and fruits and vegetables in KS 1758 Part 2. KHC is an umbrella business membership organization formed by the leading horticultural trade Associations in Kenya namely the Kenya Flower Council and Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya (FPEAK).

“The formation of the Kenya Horticultural Council could not have come at a better time. The horticultural industry is facing existential threat from numerous interceptions at the market place occasioned by myriad of factors such as maximum residue levels (MRLs), documentation, tariff barriers and non-tariff barriers. The time has come to have a single strong platform that addresses common issues affecting the industry,” said Mr. Richard Fox, the acting Chairman of the Kenya Horticultural Council.

KHC is working closely with relevant government regulatory bodies (PCPB, KEPHIS & HCD) to generate requisite data on diligent use of resources, including pesticides, fertilizers, water and energy across the country. Along with the aforementioned government bodies, the Council is supporting the development of an empirical national pesticide sampling and monitoring plan based on the risk factor. KHC will actively participate in capacity building of the KS 1758, the national traceability system and the stakeholder sensitization of the National Mechanism for Compliance.

It will also engage in promoting Kenya’s horticultural produce in key market destinations as well as explore opportunities in new and emerging markets. They will assist in rebuilding and enhancing the industry’s image and thus be a preferred source of quality and safe horticultural products.

Gerald Omondi
Gerald Omondi
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