Maina Kageni Kenya’s Controversial Radio Personality


Maina Kageni is a popular radio presenter in Kenya who has gained a large following over the years.

His popular Classic 105 breakfast show is one of the most-listened to radio programs in the country. However, his controversial on-air comments have earned him both praises and condemnations from listeners.

He is known for making sharp remarks about relationships, often giving blunt advice that can make some feel uncomfortable.

One of his most common targets are men who, in his opinion, are not doing enough to commit or appreciate their partners. This has led to men accusing Maina of splitting up marriages and giving false advice.

Adding to the controversy is the fact that Maina himself is not married and has repeatedly said he never will be. This has led to speculation about his sexuality, with some suggesting he might be gay.

Maina has continued to remain an enigma, and his radio show is still as popular as ever. He may not always be right, but his honest and often humorous take on relationships has proven to be entertaining and enlightening to many Kenyans especially women make make up the majority of his audience and consider him their preferred marriage advisor.

Women often call his show to share their stories, hoping for a solution to their problems. Maina is always sympathetic and provides practical advice alongside his signature sense of humor.

Critics have said that as a radio personality he thrives on controversy and he wouldn’t care where a woman’s marriage failed or not therefore his advice which most married men feel is intentionally controversial but is breaking up marriages.

Maina Kageni himself has never been publicly linked to any woman and claims he will never marry. This only serves to fuel the rumors about his sexuality, which are further compounded by his flamboyant style and mannerisms on air. Whether these accusations have any basis in reality or not is unclear but they remain a popular topic of conversation in Kenya.

Regardless, Maina Kageni’s influence on Kenyan culture is undeniable and his impact on the airwaves has shaped many lives. His brazen and unapologetic personality has made him one of the most recognizable voices in media, and he continues to be an influential force in the region.

I Can Spend Ksh100,000 ($800) a day

In a country where 74% of salaried Kenyans earn less than Ksh 50,000 ($400) Maina Kageni went on air to state that he could spend up to Ksh 100,000 ($800) a day. The backlash from the public was swift and intense as many people felt that it was insensitive for him to make such a statement when many are struggling to make ends meet.

“Sometimes when my friends are buying, I spend nothing. But when it’s my turn especially when my friends from America come, cause when I go to the states they take care of me.”

Maina further explained that in the December holiday, it is easy for him to spend even Sh100k a day with his American friends.

“It can get to that level. They are friends of mine who I wouldn’t give up for anything,” he said.

“I go to America with money and I come back on my own. I never spent money in America. So when they come here for Christmas, I know I am in a problem. A good problem, though.”

Ultimately, despite all the controversy that surrounds him, you can’t deny that Maina Kageni is undeniably one of Kenya’s biggest cultural icons. He will likely remain a fixture on Kenyan radio for years to come – controversy or not.

Gerald Omondi
Gerald Omondi
As a writer, I have a passion for exploring a variety of topics. When I'm not putting pen to paper, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family. As a husband and father, I understand the importance of balance and finding time for the things I love. Whether I'm delving into new subjects or spending quality time with my loved ones.


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