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In an interview on NTV Kenya The Wicked Edition Lynn Ngugi confirmed that she has ever been a waitress immediately after her studies. She explained that she had a friend who worked in Dubai who gave her the opportunity to go there.

While there she worked at costa coffee where she learnt to be a barista and a waitress. She explained that she knows how to make coffee, make great sandwiches and serve guests in an elegant way. She went on to say that she is proud of her humble beginnings because they have made her who she is today.

Lynn Ngugi holds a diploma in broadcast journalism and her advice to young men and women who have finished college or have a diploma and are looking for jobs is not to wait for the perfect job to come their way. She said that they should take up any opportunity they get, even if it means doing something completely unrelated to what they studied in school. She believes that this will not only help you gain experience but also help you build a network of people and resources.

Lynn Ngugi

She goes on to say that on graduating she dropped her CVs everywhere with the hope of getting a job at the major media houses NTV, Standard Group, Capital FM but no one called her back, nor did she ever get a reply. She said she learnt that sometimes things don’t happen when you want them.

Her decision to go to Dubai was as a result of needing to do something as she had spent a lot of time and money sending CVs with no results. .

She goes on to say that whatever you do, do it with a passion and in her case even as she worked as a waitress she was passionate about it and made sure that her customers were always happy. She believes that VCs today have changed its more of skill sets than qualification that matter. She believes that there are skills one has to develop no matter what the job is because they will come in handy.

Rather than writing those CVs and sending them all over her advise is that one should put themselves out there to get noticed, network and gain experiences. What she found is that while you are working at a particular job, say being an intern or a waitress, always look for ways of learning. She believes that if you do this, doors will open and you will be able to make something out of the job you are in. She has found success because she worked hard and kept her eyes open for opportunity and made sure to always put her best foot forward.

Lynn Ngugi is a clear example that with hard work and dedication, success can be achieved no matter the starting point. She has been able to build a successful career by taking on whatever opportunities came her way, learning from them and using her skills and experiences to get to where she wants to be.

On her relationship with her colleague Edwin Ochieng she describes him as a big brother who she never had as she has three sisters. She says that she has known him for almost eleven years and he is a wonderful human being. For those who had thought that maybe there was more to their relationship she clarifies that they were just friends and colleagues that are always supporting each other.

On marriage and relationships she says that she believes in marriage and even though she has interviewed lots of people with failed marriages, she has also interviewed successful ones. It takes both parties to make a marriage work and one should be willing to take risks and make sacrifices. She believes that if you want your marriage to work it will and if don’t it won’t.

Lynn Ngugi was in a relationship for five years and they even had marriage plans but it didn’t work out. Having that experience she wouldn’t date a man for that long again because you don’t need five years to get to know a person.

She attributes her success to the people who believed in her, assisted her even shooting videos for her when she had nothing. Lynn says she once shot a pilot with no money but her friend Gregory came through with an entire team and she didn’t pay him a cent.

Her shows are educational and informative and she believes that it is her responsibility to show Kenyans what others are going through and their successes and hardships.

She says that often when she covers a person’s plight its her viewers who come through and help out. She chooses to cover peoples stories because she wants people to know what others are going through and also get help.

She is thankful that she has never lacked even growing up they didn’t have much but they had the basic needs.

Why She Left Tuko

Lynn says she felt like she needed to go out there and spread her wings and because for her it was never about the money she wanted to be in control of how she presented her stories knowing that she gets an opportunity to sit down with people who get to share their personal and sometime painful stories.

She says that she will always be grateful to the people at Tuko for giving her a platform to share stories and get noticed and she is proud of what they accomplished with the team.

Her time and work at Tuko will always be one of the most wonderful chapters of her life. She thanked her Executive Producer at Tuko Mr Savelii Barashkov for believing in her when she first started at Tuko.

The support she got from Mr Savelii Barashkov is what she believes helped her get to where she is today.

She also thanks her colleagues who she has worked with in making the best stories and whose presence made the work fun.

Lynn Ngugi is an inspiration to many and proves that you can reach your goals if you put in the hard work and dedication. She has been able to overcome challenges and continue to pursue her dream of telling stories that educate and help people grow.

She currently has her own Youtube channel which is rapidly growing.

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