Fatima Asghari Sam’s Mum


Fatima Asghari is Sam Asghari’s Mother. Sam Asghari is a model, personal trainer, actor and Britney spear’s husband.

Fatima Asghari is from Iran where she still lives today and has three children Sam, Maddie and Fay Asghari with Mahmond “Mike” Asghari who is Sam Ashhari’s father.

Sam Asghari

Sam Asghari was born on March 3, 1994 in Tehran, Iran. He and his family grew up in Iran and moved to the United States to join is father at the age of 12 years.

Sam although close to his mother has not seen his father for years now and is not aware of where he is or even if he is alive.

Fatima Asghari is a strong and independent woman who has raised her son to be the best that he can be. She is always there for him and loves him very much.

Family And Life

In Iran family is the most important thing and Fatima Asghari has always put her family first. She is very close to her children and they are all very proud and supportive of her.

When Mike Asghari her huband moved to the United States in search of a better life for his family he had his wife’s support and the idea was that his wife and children would follow him there. Fatima Asghari wanted her children to have a better life and she believed that America could offer them that.

Mike Asghari ended up working as a tow truck driver only to fall in lover and marry a woman by the name of Janice Wilson.

His son Sam, would however join him in the United States only for mike Asghari to vanish 2 years later from the United States and his son’s life.

This obviously had a great effect on Sam and his mother Fatima Asghari. It was very hard for them to deal with but they eventually got through it together.

Mike Asghari’s current location is not known but his two daughter were seen spending time with him in Turkey in 2019 and 2020 without Sam who has stated that he would like a relationship with his estranged father.

Fatima’s Visits To The United States

She still visits Sam and her sisters who are now all living in the United States from time to time. Sam has stated that her family is her life and she would do anything for them and their mother son bond is very strong.

Fatima Asghari’s Religion

Not much is know about Sam Asghari and his mother’s religion but most speculate that because they are from Iran they must be of the Muslim faith. This however may not be the case especially considering the fact that Sam Asgahari has a christian name.

Another thing to consider is the fact that religion is a sensitive matter in Iran as the country identifies its self as a Muslim country stating that Islam is the official religion. However, there are many religions practiced within its borders and those doing so cannot openly state that for fear of persecution.

Sam Asghari’s Religion

Sam Asghari has not publicly stated his religion but it is clear that whatever religion he identifies with he is not a very religious person.

He also has not been seen attending any religious services or events and does not seem to be very active in any religion. Based on this it can be assumed that Sam Asghari is not very religious and does not identify with any one religion in particular.

Fatima Asghari’s political views

Fatima Asghari has not publicly stated her political views but it can be assumed that she is somewhat liberal based on the fact that she has been supportive of her children’s lifestyle in the United States.

Her two daughters Maddie and Fay, are nurses, and Fay is also a model.

He has also meet Britney Spears and they seem to have a good relationship.

She is also very supportive of her son Sam Asghari’s career and has always been there for him. It is clear that she is a very loving and supportive mother who believes in her son and his dreams.

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