How Much Is Swimming At Asyana Gardens


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Asyana Gardens is a family friendly, non smoking and alcohol-free recreational haven. It offers a wide variety of recreational activities including swimming.

Leisure Swimming Rates:

Child Upto 12 Yrs – Ksh 200 per day
Youth Age 13yrs & Adults – Ksh 300 per day

Per Month Rates:

Child Upto 12 Yrs – Ksh 3,000 per month
Youth Age 13 – 17 Yrs Ksh 3,500 per month
Adults – Ksh 4,500 per month
Couples – Ksh 22,000 per month

3 Month Rates:

Child Upto 12 Yrs – Ksh 7,000 for 3 months
Youth Age 13 – 17 Yrs Ksh 8,500 for 3 months
Adults – Ksh 11,500 for 3 months
Couples – Ksh 22,000 for 3 months

Swimming Lessons

Child – Ksh 700 One, 1 hr lesson,Ksh 3,000 Five hr Lesson
Child – Ksh 5,000 Ten, 1 hr lessons Ksh 9,000 Twenty 1 hr Lessson

Adult – Ksh 800 One, 1 hr lesson,Ksh 3,500 Five hr Lesson
Adult – Ksh 6000 Ten, 1 hr lessons Ksh 10,000 Twenty 1 hr Lessson

School Groups – Ksh 100 One, 1 hr lesson,Ksh 500 Five hr Lesson
School Groups – Ksh 1,000 Ten, 1 hr lessons Ksh 2,000 Twenty 1 hr Lessson

1 Month Family Package:90% of Adult/Couple + 80% of Child/Youth Charge
3 Months Family Package:80% of Adult/ Couple Charge + 70% of Child/Youth Charge.
Group Package and swimming lesson for external coaches apply on prior arrangements.

Swimming pools open Daily From 7am – 7pm


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