Who Is Winning The War In Ukraine


The question of who is winning the war in Ukraine is a little complicated to say the least. In recent days Ukraine has made significant advances in North Eastern Ukraine, specifically in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

These advances have come at a high cost with Russia losing some of its top military officers in the conflict. However, Russia still maintain a large military presence in the country and it’s important to note that Russia is a nuclear power.

That said, it’s hard to say who is winning the war in Ukraine. While Ukraine has made significant advances, Russia still has a large military presence in the country.

Russian Losses In The War

Since the war begun Russia has had to change its military objectives several times. When the war begun in February Russia’s military objective was regime change in Ukraine. This soon became a challenge as many experts believe that Russia under estimated the resistance they would face in Ukraine and had serious issues with supplies and logistics.

Ukraine Resistance

The Ukrainians have put up a better resistance than most in the west had expected. This is in-part due to the experience of some of their soldiers who had served in Afghanistan and Chechnya. Furthermore, the Ukrainians have received support from other countries in the form of military equipment and training. The most notable contributors have been the United States, United Kingdom and Germany.

Russia Is A Nuclear Power

Because Russia is a nuclear power all efforts by the Ukrainians have been to inflict enough losses on the Russians such that they withdraw from all the areas they have so far occupied in Ukraine or at the very least negotiate a political solution. Kiev has so far been unwilling to offer any autonomy to the east which has been one of Moscow’s key demands.

Who Is losing More As The The War In Ukraine Drags On?

The war has resulted in thousands of civilian deaths especially Ukrainians. It has destroyed their countries infrastructure and left many people homeless.

In addition, the war has resulted in an economic decline in Russia and a further decline is expected if the sanctions currently placed on Russia by the west are not lifted.

The war has also resulted in a decline in tourism and foreign investment to Russia.

Europe too has suffered as a result of the war. The conflict has resulted in an increase in the price of oil and gas.

This is because Russia is a major producer of oil and gas and supplies Europe with a significant portion of its needs.

Russia also recently cut gas supplies to countries in Europe who they accuse of supporting the war.

In addition, the conflict has resulted in an increase in the number of refugees fleeing to Europe.

The war in Ukraine is a tragedy for all involved. It is hard to say who is winning or losing.

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