Twitter’s Head Of Trust & Safety Resigns Over Daily Wire Controversy


In a recent development at Twitter, the Vice President of Trust and Safety, Ella Irwin, has reportedly resigned from her position. The news comes in the midst of a controversy involving the conservative news outlet, The Daily Wire, and the censorship of their content on the platform.

According to reports from The Post Millennial and Forbes, Irwin’s departure from Twitter was confirmed by Reuters reporter Sheila Dang. The exact reasons behind her resignation remain unclear, but it is speculated that her decision could be related to the ongoing conflict between Twitter and The Daily Wire.

The controversy began when The Daily Wire planned to release a documentary titled “What is a Woman” on Twitter. However, at the last minute, they were informed that they would not be allowed to run an event page for the documentary. Furthermore, they were warned that if they posted the documentary, it would be labeled as hate speech.

Matt Walsh, a prominent figure at The Daily Wire, posted two clips from the documentary that Twitter demanded to be censored. As a result, those tweets were restricted and limited in their visibility. Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and a Twitter user with significant influence, commented on the situation, stating that the restriction was a mistake and that such content is allowed on the platform.

However, despite Musk’s reassurances, the tweets containing the documentary clips are still heavily limited on Twitter. This has led to speculation about Musk’s involvement and whether he is being forthright in his statements regarding the issue.

There are also suggestions that the resignation of Ella Irwin could be linked to a conflict between her and the new CEO of Twitter. Some speculate that she may have resigned because she disagreed with the actions taken by the employees under her supervision.

The situation has raised questions about Twitter’s approach to free speech and its policies regarding content moderation. Critics argue that the platform has been inconsistent in its enforcement of rules, particularly when it comes to conservative voices.

The incident involving The Daily Wire is not the first time Twitter has faced accusations of bias and censorship. Several individuals, including Tim Pool, a political commentator, have reported being censored or locked out of their accounts for expressing certain viewpoints.

Overall, the resignation of Twitter’s Vice President of Trust and Safety amidst the Daily Wire controversy highlights the ongoing challenges the platform faces in balancing free speech and content moderation. It remains to be seen how Twitter will address these issues and regain trust from its user base.

Gerald Omondi
Gerald Omondi
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