The Top IT Skills for the Future


The digital world is an ever-evolving landscape, continually influenced by new innovations and technologies. With these rapid advancements comes the need for adaptation, requiring tech enthusiasts and professionals to continually enhance their skills. This article aims to explore the top IT skills that will be crucial for the future.

The Shifting Landscape of Tech Jobs

The line between different tech roles is becoming increasingly blurred. As the digital ecosystem expands, IT professionals often find themselves wearing many hats, adapting and evolving alongside the technology they work with. Traditional roles, too, are changing, as they now demand a broader skillset and a deeper understanding of cross-functional domains.

Digital Literacy: A Key Skill for the Future

The World Economic Forum predicts that by the end of 2023, over 90% of jobs will require digital literacy skills, irrespective of the sector or industry. Therefore, staying abreast with technology trends and advancements is becoming increasingly crucial. Digital literacy doesn’t just refer to computer skills anymore; it encompasses a broad array of knowledge, including understanding online privacy, recognizing malware threats, and being able to use and adapt to new software.

Cybersecurity: A Growing Need

As more businesses move online, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is burgeoning. Experts predict high job security and salaries for those in cybersecurity, as the need to protect sensitive information becomes more critical. Cybersecurity skills can range from understanding network security to incident response to ethical hacking, and there are multiple avenues to learn these skills, including formal education, online courses, and practical experience.

Embracing AI and Cognitive Technology

Silicon Valley investor, Zoar, predicts that AI is likely to redefine the entire job market, and its effects are already visible in the IT sector. Artificial Intelligence, along with Machine Learning and Deep Learning, will play an integral role in the future of IT. While AI brings numerous benefits like automation and predictive analytics, it also raises concerns regarding job displacement. Hence, understanding and adapting to AI is a valuable skill for future IT professionals.

Key Skill Sets for the Future According to McKinsey Global

McKinsey Global suggests that the workforce of the future will need to strengthen three areas: higher cognitive skills, social and emotional skills, and technological skills. Higher cognitive skills include advanced literacy and writing, critical thinking, and complex information processing. Social and emotional skills focus on advanced communication and negotiation, empathy, and leadership. Technological skills revolve around basic digital skills, advanced IT skills, and programming skills. Moreover, McKinsey emphasizes the importance of continuous learning due to the fast-evolving nature of the IT industry.

Future Career Paths in IT

  1. Data Science: With the explosion of data, professionals who can analyze and derive insights from complex data sets will be highly sought after.
  2. Cloud Computing: As businesses shift towards cloud solutions, there is a growing demand for skills in cloud-based infrastructure and services.
  3. Digital Marketing: Skills in search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content marketing are becoming crucial as companies recognize the power of online presence.
  4. Machine Learning and AI: With AI influencing all sectors, understanding how to create and implement machine learning models will be a highly valuable skill.
  5. Augmented Reality: With applications from gaming to real estate, AR is an emerging field with immense potential.
  6. Software Development: While a traditional field, software development continues to be in demand, especially with the rise of custom software solutions.
  7. Cybersecurity: As discussed earlier, as long as we rely on digital solutions, the need for cybersecurity professionals will remain critical.

As we navigate towards an increasingly digital future, the importance of these key IT skills can’t be overstated.

Gerald Omondi
Gerald Omondi
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