OnePlus Tablet: A Worthy iPad Competitor


Tablets have remained largely unchanged in recent years, with iPads dominating the market. However, OnePlus has made an ambitious entry into the tablet arena, aiming to challenge the iPad’s popularity. In this article, we will delve into the features and strategies employed by OnePlus to compete with Apple’s iPad lineup. While acknowledging the influence of the iPad, OnePlus has implemented a combination of strategies to differentiate its tablet, including borrowing some elements, undercutting the iPad’s price, and introducing superior features. Let’s explore how OnePlus’s tablet compares to the iPad and whether it stands a chance of winning over tablet users.


Design and Features: OnePlus has taken design cues from the iPad, resulting in a tablet that appears similar to Apple’s offering. The OnePlus tablet features a unique shape, color, and layout, while incorporating some OnePlus and Android-specific features. Notably, the tablet comes with a OnePlus pencil that closely resembles the Apple Pencil, offering a comparable experience for note-taking and drawing. Additionally, OnePlus has introduced a magnetic keyboard accessory with a trackpad, effectively turning the tablet into a laptop alternative, similar to Apple’s iPad with the Magic Keyboard. The tablet also boasts quad speakers, an Ultra-wide front-facing camera, and a large battery with fast charging capabilities, surpassing the iPad in these aspects.

Price Advantage: To entice potential buyers, OnePlus has priced its tablet competitively against the iPad. While the iPad Air starts at $599 for the 64GB version, the OnePlus tablet is priced at $479 for the 128GB variant. This significant price difference makes the OnePlus tablet an attractive option for those looking for a more affordable alternative to the iPad.

OnePlus Tablet’s Advantages: Despite being an Android tablet, OnePlus has managed to introduce some features that outshine the iPad. For instance, the OnePlus tablet offers a 144Hz refresh rate display, which is higher than the iPad’s 120Hz, providing a smoother user experience. The Ultra-wide front-facing camera, positioned on the landscape bezel, ensures users are centered in the frame during video calls. Furthermore, the tablet boasts superior battery life and faster charging compared to any iPad model. OnePlus has also implemented clever multitasking enhancements, including split-screen capabilities and a smart side bar, making it more versatile in terms of productivity.

Limitations of an Android Tablet: Being an Android tablet does have its limitations. The absence of Apple’s ecosystem features, such as FaceTime and iMessage, may deter users who heavily rely on these services. Additionally, the app selection for Android tablets is still limited compared to the iPad, with many apps lacking proper optimization for the larger display. The camera performance on the OnePlus tablet is also average, with noticeable grain and artifacts in photos and videos.

Future Updates and Conclusion: While OnePlus has made an impressive tablet, it is important to consider the tablet’s current software version. It launches with Android 13, while Android 14 is on the horizon. OnePlus tablets, like any other device, rely on software updates for improvements and new features. However, it is not advisable to purchase a product solely based on potential future updates.

In conclusion, OnePlus has created a compelling tablet that offers a commendable set of features at an attractive price point. Although it faces challenges in competing with the iPad’s strong ecosystem and app support, the OnePlus tablet appeals to users seeking an affordable, feature-rich alternative. By combining strategies such as borrowing certain elements, undercutting the iPad’s price, and introducing superior features, OnePlus has positioned its tablet as a worthy contender in the tablet market.

Comparison Table:

FeaturesOnePlus TabletiPad
Price$479 (128GB)Starts at $599 (64GB)
DesignUnique shape and layoutDistinctive Apple aesthetics
StylusOnePlus PencilApple Pencil
KeyboardMagnetic attachmentMagic Keyboard
Refresh Rate144HzUp to 120Hz
Front CameraUltra-wide, centered frameVaried placement
Battery LifeExcellentVaries across models
Charging Speed67W fast chargingSlower charging speeds
Multitasking EnhancementsSplit-screen, smart side bariPadOS multitasking capabilities
EcosystemAndroid ecosystemApple ecosystem
App OptimizationLimited optimized appsExtensive app optimization
Camera PerformanceAverage qualitySuperior quality
Software UpdatesLaunches with Android 13Regular iOS updates

Note: The table provides a brief overview of the features and a comparison between the OnePlus tablet and the iPad. It highlights key aspects, but further research may be necessary for an in-depth analysis.

Overall, the OnePlus tablet presents a viable option for users seeking an affordable and feature-packed tablet alternative to the iPad. While it may not fully replace the iPad’s ecosystem and app support, the OnePlus tablet offers compelling features that cater to a broader audience. As the tablet market evolves, it will be interesting to see how OnePlus continues to innovate and carve its place in this competitive landscape.

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