Google Pixel 7A Review: A Mid-Range Contender with Impressive Features


In the ever-competitive smartphone market, Google continues to make its mark with the release of the Google Pixel 7A. This mid-range device offers a compelling package, combining notable features, an affordable price tag, and the reliability of the Pixel brand. In this review, we will delve into the key aspects of the Pixel 7A, examining its design, display, performance, camera capabilities, and overall value proposition.

Design and Display: The Pixel 7A maintains the classic Pixel aesthetic, featuring a metal wraparound visor, sleek lines, and well-placed buttons. While it does step back from the higher-end Pixel 7 in terms of build quality with a plastic back and IP67 rating, the overall construction is solid and does not compromise the user experience. The 6.1-inch flat display, although slightly smaller than its flagship counterpart, still offers a vibrant 1080P resolution and the added benefit of a 90Hz refresh rate. Despite some color shifting and banding when viewed off-axis, the display is bright and visually pleasing, providing an immersive viewing experience.

Performance: Equipped with the Tensor G2 chip and 8GB of RAM, the Pixel 7A delivers a performance level comparable to the Pixel 7. The inclusion of a 90Hz display greatly enhances the smoothness and responsiveness of the user interface, making interactions with the device more enjoyable. It is worth noting that the 90Hz display setting is turned off by default, requiring users to enable it manually in the display settings. With snappy performance and a familiar software experience, the Pixel 7A lives up to its reputation as a capable mid-range smartphone.

Camera: Google has made notable improvements to the camera system on the Pixel 7A. Sporting a brand new 64-megapixel main camera, a 13-megapixel ultra-wide lens, and a 13-megapixel selfie camera, the Pixel 7A offers a significant upgrade over its predecessor. The larger sensor size allows for improved low-light photography and a shallower depth of field, resulting in stunning images with impressive dynamic range. While the ultra-wide lens does suffer from noticeable distortion at the corners, it still provides a wide field of view. The selfie camera captures crisp and detailed shots, staying true to the Pixel’s reputation for excellent front-facing cameras.

Battery and Charging: With a 4,385mAh battery capacity, the Pixel 7A offers a full day of use for most users. However, it falls short of providing exceptional battery life, especially when considering the presence of a 90Hz display. On average, users can expect around three to four hours of screen-on time with typical usage. Although the device supports 18W wired charging and 7.5W wireless charging, both charging speeds are relatively slow compared to some competitors in the mid-range segment.

Value and Conclusion: Priced at $499, the Pixel 7A enters the mid-range smartphone market with a slightly higher price point than its predecessor. While the increase in price is justified by the addition of wireless charging and a 90Hz display, consumers may find better value in the slightly older Pixel 7, which offers superior camera capabilities, faster wireless charging, and several other refinements at a similar or lower price point. However, for those seeking a reliable mid-range device with the renowned Pixel camera experience and stock Android software, the Pixel 7A remains a solid choice.

In summary, the Google Pixel 7A presents a compelling option in the mid-range smartphone segment. It boasts commendable features, including a smooth 90Hz display, impressive camera system, and the seamless integration of Google’s software. While its battery life may not be exceptional, and the overall value proposition is overshadowed by the slightly older Pixel 7, the Pixel 7A still delivers a solid user experience and offers a good balance between performance and affordability.

One of the standout aspects of the Pixel 7A is its software. Google’s commitment to providing a clean, bloatware-free Android experience shines through in this device. Users can enjoy all the features and benefits of Google’s ecosystem, including the highly regarded Google Assistant, excellent voice-to-text transcription, and the reliable Now Playing feature. The Pixel’s software support is also worth mentioning, as Google promises three years of software updates, ensuring users stay up to date with the latest features and security patches.

Furthermore, the build quality of the Pixel 7A is commendable, considering its mid-range positioning. While the plastic back may not exude the same premium feel as glass or metal, it still feels sturdy and well-constructed. The inclusion of metal rails adds a touch of elegance to the design, and the absence of creaking or bending reinforces the overall quality of the device.

When it comes to choosing between the Pixel 7A and its older sibling, the Pixel 7, users should carefully consider their priorities. If camera performance and faster wireless charging are of utmost importance, the Pixel 7 is the clear winner. However, for those who prioritize the smoothness of a 90Hz display and wireless charging convenience, the Pixel 7A is a viable option.

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