South Korean Lawmakers Gearing Up to Regulate Crypto


The South Korean National Assembly is currently discussing 17 proposals aimed at creating better protections for crypto investors in the country. The debate will lead to the creation of the Digital Asset Basic Act (DABA), a comprehensive legal framework that will provide regulatory guidelines for the growing Korean crypto industry. The swift collapse of algorithmic stablecoin issuer Terra in June, which wiped out $60 billion from the global crypto ecosystem, was a catalyst for lawmakers to push for better regulations. The failure of other high-profile crypto companies, including hedge fund Three Arrows Capital and several bankrupted exchanges and lenders, has also prompted regulators around the world to call for comprehensive crypto regulations. While these regulations are aimed at protecting investors, some have raised concerns that they could stifle innovation in the new and rapidly evolving industry.

Too much regulation in a new industry like crypto could stifle innovation in a few ways:

  1. Overly restrictive regulations can create barriers to entry for new companies and startups, making it difficult for them to compete with established players. This can limit the number of new and innovative ideas that are brought to market.
  2. Regulations that are too burdensome or costly to comply with can also discourage innovation by making it difficult for companies to allocate resources towards research and development.
  3. Stringent regulations can also limit experimentation and experimentation is crucial for innovation. If companies are too afraid of breaking the rules and facing penalties, they may be less willing to take risks and try new things.
  4. Unforeseen regulations can also be a problem, as regulations that are put in place before the technology or the industry is fully understood can be detrimental to its growth.
  5. Finally, excessive regulations can also be an obstacle for innovation as they might not be able to adapt to the fast-paced changes of the crypto and blockchain technology. Overall, while regulations are important for protecting consumers and investors, they should be balanced against the need to foster innovation and growth in the industry.

Hence, it is important for the lawmakers to come with a balanced regulation that can provide protection for the investors while also fostering innovation in the crypto industry.

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