Congressman Jim Jordan Discusses Biden Administration, School Board Meetings and D-Day Anniversary


U.S. Representative and House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jim Jordan, expressed concerns about the current administration’s handling of the economy, school board meetings, and the first amendment freedoms during a recent interview.

Jordan criticized the Biden administration for their economic approach, pointing to the record spending, inflation, debt, and increasing commodity prices under their watch. He argued that the administration’s policies had led to significant problems, including a border crisis, an increase in crime, and high gas prices. This, he argued, was in stark contrast to the state of the country under the previous administration.

On the topic of school board meetings, Jordan shared his concerns about the Justice Department’s recent investigations into parents who have voiced their concerns at these meetings. He highlighted that 25 parents had been investigated but none were charged, describing this as a form of weaponizing the government against citizens.

Jordan’s concerns were focused on the memo from the Department of Justice that encouraged school boards to report any threats. While this memo has since been rescinded, Jordan believes it was an attempt to silence parents and chill their exercise of free speech, a fundamental right granted under the First Amendment. He pledged that his committee would expose such activities and propose legislation to prevent similar situations in the future.

He also called out the collaboration between big government, big tech, and big media to censor American speech, and pointed out that this coordination was revealed only because of a billionaire buying Twitter.

Furthermore, Jordan noted the quickness of the federal government’s response to the letter from the National School Boards Association (NSBA), questioning the speed of action and suggesting it was motivated by political opposition.

Lastly, the congressman reflected on the 79th anniversary of D-Day, paying tribute to the “Greatest Generation” that fought and sacrificed their lives for American freedom. He commended their courage and the significant impact of their actions, which have allowed Americans to enjoy freedoms and opportunities.

The interview concluded with Jordan reiterating his commitment to protecting constitutional rights, including free speech and the ability to practice religion, and his determination to hold the government accountable.

Gerald Omondi
Gerald Omondi
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