Americans’ Desire for Change and the Consistency of the Political Landscape -Former White House Chief of Staff


Former White House Chief of Staff for President George W. Bush, Karl Rove, has discussed the current state of the US political landscape, which he believes is characterized by a seeming lack of change despite a widespread desire for something new. Speaking in an interview with Trey Gowdy, Rove said that Americans have grown tired of seeing the same candidates nominated time and time again, despite claims that they want change.

Rove mentions two polls – the Monmouth poll and the AP National Opinion Research poll – and cites their findings about the popularity of Joe Biden and Donald Trump. According to Rove, the Monmouth poll shows that only 25% of Democrats prefer that Biden runs again, while 44% would prefer that he steps aside. In contrast, the AP National Opinion Research poll shows that 70% of Republicans want Trump to run again. Rove also suggests that the sentiment towards both candidates is unlikely to change, and that people are not excited about either one of these choices.

Rove claimed that while the majority of Americans do not want to see a rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, it is highly likely that the two will be the nominees for their respective parties in 2024.

According to Rove, people know who Biden and Trump are, and both have their detractors, even within their own parties. He cited a recent national poll that revealed that 19% of Democrats and 29% of Republicans would not support their respective nominees if it turned out to be Biden or Trump. Rove warned that this could be a real problem if either party nominated those candidates, as there would be many within the party who would say that Biden is too old and Trump is too controversial.

Rove also discussed the importance of winning the electoral college, pointing out that while a candidate needs to win only a few neighborhoods to get to Congress, they must win the electoral college to get to the White House.

Karl Rove has identified several key battleground states that could be crucial in determining the outcome of the next presidential election. These states include:

  1. Florida: Florida has been a key swing state in recent elections, with a large and diverse population that can swing either way.
  2. Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania is another important swing state that has been closely contested in recent elections. It has a large number of electoral votes and a diverse population.
  3. Michigan: Michigan was traditionally a Democratic stronghold, but it has become more competitive in recent years. It has a large number of working-class voters who could be key to either party’s success.
  4. Wisconsin: Wisconsin is another traditionally Democratic state that has become more competitive in recent years. It has a large number of rural voters who could be key to either party’s success.
  5. North Carolina: North Carolina has been trending Republican in recent years, but it remains a closely contested state. It has a growing population and a mix of urban and rural voters.
  6. Arizona: Arizona has been a Republican stronghold for many years, but it has become more competitive in recent elections. It has a large Hispanic population and a growing number of young voters.
  7. Georgia: Georgia is another traditionally Republican state that has become more competitive in recent years. It has a large and diverse population, with a mix of urban and rural voters.

In conclusion, Rove said that both parties need to articulate a vision for the country, and that the party that is able to turn the page and offer something new is likely to have the upper hand in 2024. The current situation, where the same candidates are nominated time and time again, is not sustainable, he said, and Americans are crying out for a change.

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