Kari Lake Criticizes Companies and News Networks over What She Calls LGBTQ+ Agenda


In a recent segment on a popular news show, anchor Kari Lake expressed her discontent with what she referred to as the “LGBTQ+ agenda” and what she referred to as insult to numerous individuals. Lake specifically mentioned Dan Cathy, the CEO of a well-known company, who has been promoting diversity and inclusivity in his organization. She argued that this perceived push for inclusivity is part of a broader conflict between those who believe in God and those who do not, describing it as a war for America’s soul.

Lake further highlighted the Los Angeles Dodgers’ association with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a drag performance group, as an example of this so-called war. She questioned the moral values behind such actions and suggested that companies are receiving a wake-up call from Americans who are tired of what they perceive as the excessive promotion of gender ideology and transgender issues to children.

Drawing attention to Anheuser-Busch’s financial losses following a controversial Bud Light campaign featuring Dylan Mulvaney, Lake argued that companies like Target and Fox News were making similar missteps by aligning themselves with causes that she believes are detrimental to society. She criticized Target for donating to the Black Lives Matter movement, calling it a “Marxist group” that has not benefited black lives. Lake also expressed disappointment in Fox News for allegedly mishandling the departure of Tucker Carlson, stating that his unique brand of truth and courage cannot be easily replaced.

When asked if consumers would return to companies and networks that made amends or reversed their decisions, Lake acknowledged that some might give them a second chance. However, she believed that many individuals had permanently crossed these companies off their lists and would no longer support them with their hard-earned money. She cited the example of individuals boycotting Bud Light, asserting that some would rather go without than support a brand they felt had betrayed their values.

Regarding Fox News, Lake opined that the network had lost millions of viewers due to the absence of Tucker Carlson and their alleged bias against the “America First” movement. She emphasized the availability of alternative media outlets such as Newsmax, suggesting that Americans now had more options for finding unbiased news sources.

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