The Symbolic Parallelism: Why Does Moana Looks Like Te Fiti?


Moana‘, a beloved animated movie from Disney, has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with its captivating storyline, engaging characters, and enchanting music. The movie introduces us to Moana, a determined young girl, and Te Fiti, the mother island, two characters that bear striking similarities. The comparison might not seem apparent at first glance, but upon closer inspection, we find compelling connections between the two characters perhaps this is why the creators of the animation have her looking like Te fiti

Character Overview: Moana

Moana, the protagonist of the movie, is the daughter of the village chief. But she is far from the typical island girl; her heart calls to the sea. Moana has a strong drive for exploration, and the ocean itself chooses her for a crucial mission: to save her people. This quest sets her apart from her ancestors, who were fearful of the ocean and its unknown dangers.

Character Overview: Te Fiti

Te Fiti is a significant character in the movie, even though she isn’t physically present throughout the story. She is the divine entity that once used her heart to create life and bring balance to the world. When her heart is stolen, her benevolent nature is replaced by a destructive force, Te Kā, causing darkness to fall upon the world.

Drawing Parallels: The Journey of Moana and Te Fiti

When we delve deeper into the narrative, we can observe a striking parallel between Moana’s adventure and Te Fiti’s transformation. Like Te Fiti, who gave life to the islands, Moana embarks on a quest beyond her people’s established boundaries to save them. She encounters numerous challenges and dangers on her journey, mirroring Te Fiti’s own struggles.

The Symbolism of Restoring Te Fiti’s Heart

The act of restoring Te Fiti’s heart carries a profound symbolism in the story. The heart, representing life and balance, is placed back by none other than Moana herself. This crucial act signifies Moana’s transformation into a metaphorical Te Fiti. She becomes the life-bringer, restoring life to her dying island and, by extension, her people.

Moana as Te Fiti: A Metaphorical Perspective

From a metaphorical perspective, Moana’s journey closely mirrors Te Fiti’s transformation. By restoring balance and life to the islands, Moana assumes the role of Te Fiti, a symbolic representation of the life-giver. The challenges she overcomes, the boundaries she crosses, and the life she restores all contribute to her becoming a metaphorical Te Fiti. It’s this shared journey of transformation and restoration that unites these two characters, making Moana’s resemblance to Te Fiti clear.


In conclusion, the parallels drawn between Moana and Te Fiti showcase the subtle, yet powerful, symbolism embedded in the narrative. Moana, by venturing beyond her village boundaries and facing formidable challenges, embodies the spirit of Te Fiti, the restorer of life and balance. The idea of Moana as a metaphorical Te Fiti underlines the central theme of the movie – the restoration of balance and harmony with nature and the power of determination and courage to bring about change. Thus, we see how Moana doesn’t just resemble Te Fiti physically but symbolically and spiritually as well.

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