A Man Lost Wife In A Bet


A man in Kenya recently lost his wife in a bet and is now trying to figure out if there was something going on between his wife and his friend even before he made that bet.

Anthony a 32 year old Kenyan living in Nairobi and an occasional gambler with the betting platform sportybet had placed a bet on Chelsea September 6th 2022 playing against Dynamo Zabreb but his friend Ng’ash had adviced him against it saying that the money he had placed was significant and because the youth teams had played earlier in the day and they had lost to Dynamo Zabreb (4-2) he was likely to loose his bet.

His friend had asked him to remove that staked amount by cashing out an option usually available to users on the platform before a game starts or even during a live game.

An over confident Anthony had said there was no way he was going to loose and that he would bet anything that Chelsea would win.

He even offered to buy his friend a couple of drinks if he lost the bet to which his friend had replied that if he could bet anything then he should bet his wife.

Taking it as a joke Anthony had said that it was a deal and had gone on to lose the bet as Chelsea (1-0)

That weekend Ng’ash had come to his house with a few of his friends to collect what Anthony had lost in the bet.

Anthony’s wife who was not aware of the bet until that day was shocked and couldn’t believe that her husband had actually bet her in a game.

Ng’ash had insisted that Anthony allow him to take her out after all he had lost her to him in a bet.

Anthony feeling like he had no choice but to agree allowed his wife to go out with Ng’ash and his friends.

He said he had stayed home that day feeling like it was no big deal as it wouldn’t be the first time his wife would be going out with a group of friends and he occasionally hang out with the same group of friends that was with Ng’ash.

His wife did come back around 11pm a little intoxicated and Anthony said he didn’t think much of it and they went to bed.

The following day a Sunday his wife had left around 2pm to go see a friend and she didn’t come back home until very late that night around 3am.

Anthony says she had then started acting strange putting a password on her phone and being very evasive about her whereabouts during the day.

Last week his wife took off 3 days from work citing a family emergency and when she came back she seemed distant and would not let him touch her.

There has been no intimacy in their relationship lately and Anthony is now wondering if there was something going on between his wife and Ng’ash even before he made that bet.

He says he blames his wife for everything as she had the option of refusing to go out with Ng’ash and his friends but she chose to go.

Anthony also says he has confronted Ng’ash who has assured him that there is nothing going on between him and his wife although he jokes that he lost his wife to a bet and that he should consider himself lucky as he could have lost much more.

This has left Anthony feeling very confused and not knowing what to believe.

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