Shoplifting California: Former Beauty Store Owner Shares Her Story


A recent interview Yvette Ingram, a former beauty store owner in Los Angeles, sheds light on the alarming rise of shoplifting and retail theft in California. Yvette’s story reflects the struggles faced by numerous small businesses in the state, as they contend with the devastating impact of theft on their livelihoods. This article explores Yvette’s experiences and calls for action to address the escalating problem of shoplifting in California.

Yvette’s Passion Turns into a Nightmare:

Yvette Ingram’s journey as a business owner began with her passion for wigs and hair. Starting as a small boutique in Sherman Oaks, California, her business, Yvette’s Beauty Supply, aimed to provide wigs, especially for individuals experiencing medical hair loss due to conditions like cancer and alopecia. However, her dream quickly turned into a nightmare as her stores became frequent targets of theft and burglary.

The Rise of Retail Theft:

Yvette recounts that the situation was relatively manageable when she started her business in 2016, with only occasional incidents of shoplifting. However, the pandemic brought a dramatic increase in theft, with a surge in both shoplifting during store hours and burglaries after closing time. Yvette’s stores were broken into 12 times between 2020 and 2023, resulting in significant financial losses. She estimates losing over $150,000 worth of merchandise.

The Impact on Business Owners:

Yvette’s case is not isolated; numerous small businesses across California have fallen victim to retail theft. John Kabateck, a representative of small businesses in California, emphasizes the devastating consequences for vulnerable businesses, particularly ethnic and minority-owned establishments. He highlights the lack of support and action from policymakers, leaving these businesses vulnerable to repeated thefts without any means of recourse.

The Consequences of Legislative Changes:

The passing of Proposition 47, the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, played a significant role in exacerbating the problem. The legislation raised the threshold for grand theft from $400 to $950, making many shoplifting incidents misdemeanors rather than felonies. This change reduced the consequences for thieves and removed the deterrent effect of potential prison sentences.

Law Enforcement Challenges:

Yvette recounts instances where she called the police after theft incidents, only to receive minimal assistance. In some cases, officers did not even exit their vehicles, merely providing a police report number. Sheriff Shannon Dykens of San Bernardino County echoes Yvette’s concerns, stating that the reduced penalties for theft have resulted in a lack of motivation for law enforcement to address the issue effectively.

The Toll on Business Owners’ Mental Health and Safety:

The relentless theft and burglaries have taken a toll on Yvette’s mental health and overall sense of safety. Her employees have also been affected, with some experiencing fear and anxiety while working. The burden of constant vigilance and judgment, as business owners try to identify potential thieves, adds further stress to an already challenging situation.

The Urgent Need for Change:

Both Yvette and advocates for small businesses emphasize the urgent need for legislative changes to address the shoplifting epidemic. They call for a reevaluation of laws that diminish the severity of theft crimes, resulting in repeated incidents. Increasing the consequences for perpetrators and providing greater support for affected businesses would help create a safer environment for business owners and their communities.


Yvette Ingram’s story highlights the devastating impact of shoplifting and retail theft on small businesses in California. The rise of theft incidents, coupled with legislative changes that reduce penalties for criminals, has created an environment where businesses struggle to survive. Urgent action is needed to address this issue, including reevaluating laws and providing greater support and protection for businesses and their owners. Only then can California regain its reputation as an attractive place for entrepreneurs and ensure the prosperity of its business community.

Gerald Omondi
Gerald Omondi
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