The Moto Razer Plus: A Leap into the Second Generation of Flipping Phones


For years, the evolution of foldable phones has felt incremental, each new model offering just a mild improvement over the previous one. However, the Moto Razer Plus, Motorola’s fourth-generation folding phone, stands out from the crowd. Offering dramatic advancements, this new release is perceived as a leap into the second generation of flipping phones.

Moto Razer Plus

At the heart of the Moto Razer Plus’s appeal is its significantly expanded outside cover screen, boasting a 3.6-inch, 144 Hz POLED display that stretches from corner to corner, even incorporating pixelated camera and flash cutouts. This is a substantial departure from previous models and makes a strong statement about Motorola’s intent to innovate in the foldable phone market.

But the Razer Plus doesn’t just impress with its exterior. Although it might not boast the absolute highest specifications, it comfortably fits into the upper mid-range category, offering a solid range of features. Under the hood, the phone runs on a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor, comes with 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and a 3,800 milliamp hour battery with 30 watt charging and 5 watt wireless charging. The battery size, in particular, is a welcome upgrade, offering an additional 1,000 milliamp hours compared to the previous gen Razer.

The interior, when unfolded, reveals a 6.9-inch, 22:9, 1080p POLED display with a 165Hz LTPO refresh rate. Though not the brightest, the internal screen is still impressive for a folding phone, offering thin bezels, a hole-punch selfie camera, and a crease that effectively disappears when you’re viewing content.

The phone’s outside display has two noteworthy points. First, it’s similar to what is expected from the rumored Samsung flip 5, making it an early competitor in the new generation of foldable phones. Second, it completely changes how the phone is used. It can display a clock, notifications, quick controls, and even a whole home screen with wallpaper and widgets.

The phone has even partnered with Spotify for a customized panel and allows almost any app to work on the outside screen. This means you can take photos, navigate Google Maps, use Google Pay, and much more without even opening the phone. You can also make and receive phone calls, use a calculator, type out messages, and play games on the outside screen. Even YouTube videos can be watched on this “super screen.”

However, there’s a question about whether consumers actually want this level of functionality on an outside screen. While it adds convenience, it could also blur the lines between phone usage and non-usage, potentially causing users to spend more time on their phones.

To offer an alternative, Motorola announced the regular Moto Razer alongside the Razer Plus. This model will sport a smaller 1.5-inch display on the outside, resembling the earlier flip phones, and offer slightly lower specifications for a lower price. This model will feature a Snapdragon 7 Gen 1, a 144Hz internal display, and 128GB of storage. Despite the downgrades, it boasts a larger battery and a bigger primary camera, making it a potentially appealing choice for those who prefer simplicity.

In summary, the Moto Razer Plus represents a significant leap forward in the foldable phone sector, potentially heralding the start of a second generation of flipping phones. With its large exterior display and high-end specifications, it offers an enticing choice for tech enthusiasts who value advanced functionality and innovation. However, the regular Moto Razer, with its simpler design and lower price, provides a valuable alternative for those who seek a balance between modernity and simplicity.

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