Market Crash, Blockchain Concerns, Troubling Updates, and Debt Ceiling Debate


The past week in the cryptocurrency market has been filled with significant developments and events. From a market crash to concerns over blockchain congestion and troubling updates from various projects, there has been much to discuss. Additionally, the ongoing debate surrounding the debt ceiling in the United States has raised concerns about the potential impact on the crypto market. Finally, we’ll take a closer look at the top-performing cryptocurrencies of the week.

Crypto Market Crash

Last week, the crypto market experienced a sudden crash, with Bitcoin (BTC) dropping by over 10%. The decline can be attributed to a combination of macro and crypto factors. Regulatory uncertainties, the exit of major market makers, and rumors of the U.S. government selling its BTC holdings all contributed to the downward trend. Speculation suggests that BTC could potentially fall as low as 24K before a recovery, but it may also continue to bounce between 27K and 29K in the short term.

Bitcoin Blockchain Concerns

The popularity of BRC20 meme coins and ordinal NFTs has caused congestion on the Bitcoin blockchain. This congestion has led to soaring transaction fees and a backlog of pending transactions. Binance even had to temporarily pause BTC withdrawals twice due to the blockchain congestion. The absence of key market makers further intensified the impact of the liquidations from leveraged long traders, contributing to the market volatility.

There is an ongoing debate about whether Bitcoin’s block size should be increased to accommodate these new use cases or if layer 2 solutions like the Lightning Network should handle certain transactions. This issue highlights the need to strike a balance between scalability and maintaining the integrity of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Ethereum Finality Issue

Ethereum’s Beacon Chain experienced temporary halts in transaction processing, known as finality issues. However, developers promptly addressed and resolved these issues. Interestingly, the finality issues did not have a significant impact on Ethereum’s price. This can be attributed to the strong commitment from the Ethereum community and the relatively lower presence of institutional investors. The upcoming dencoon upgrade, implementing EIP 4844 for improved scalability and lower transaction fees on layer 2 networks, brings positive sentiment to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Troubling Updates on Terra Project

Disgraced co-founder Do Kwon of the Terra project was recently released on bail after being on the run for a year. Meanwhile, Jump Trading, a major market maker, faced a lawsuit for allegedly propping up Luna and UST, Terra’s native tokens. Speculation arose regarding the involvement of centralized stablecoin issuers in destabilizing decentralized stablecoins like UST, causing them to depeg. The complex web of allegations and suspicions surrounding the Terra project continues to unfold, raising questions about the integrity and stability of the ecosystem.

Debt Ceiling Debate

The debt ceiling debate in the United States has been a significant concern for the financial markets. U.S. politicians postponed an important meeting as the government approached the debt ceiling, increasing the risk of default. The potential default could have far-reaching consequences, including the inability to finance public services and pay interest on the debt owed to bondholders. This could impact the stability of the financial system, as U.S. bonds serve as high-quality collateral for various assets, including stablecoins. The situation warrants close monitoring, as any default or perceived risk could lead to market volatility and potential depegging of stablecoins.

Analysis of Last Week’s Top Performing Cryptos

Among last week’s top-performing cryptocurrencies were Carver, Bitcoin SV, Lido Finance, UNI, and Rocketpool. Carver experienced a rally due to the release of a new roadmap focusing on adoption, security, and governance. However, its

long-term price action remains bearish, and it faces significant resistance around the key level of one dollar.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) saw a price increase, potentially driven by the congestion on the original Bitcoin blockchain. However, its long-term price action is in a clear downtrend, indicating caution for investors.

Lido Finance (LDO) witnessed a rally following the approval of its liquid staking protocol’s V2 upgrade. This upgrade allows holders of Lido staked ETH to unstake their tokens. However, it’s important to note that the potential unstaking could lead to a significant sell-off, considering Lido’s status as the second-largest staking pool on the beacon chain. Resistance levels around $2 suggest a possible reversal or correction.

UNI, the token associated with Bitfinex’s exchange, experienced price movements influenced by the exchange’s trading activity. Due to this complexity, precise analysis of UNI’s price action is challenging.

Rocketpool (RPL) had a slight gain in the past week. However, it’s essential to exercise caution as it is approaching a possible correction in the short term. While Rocketpool remains in a medium-term uptrend, driven by the popularity of liquid staking for ETH, potential price volatility should be considered.


The past week in the cryptocurrency market has been eventful, with a market crash, concerns over blockchain congestion, troubling updates from various projects, and the ongoing debt ceiling debate in the United States. The market crash led by Bitcoin’s drop and the congestion on the Bitcoin blockchain highlighted the need for scalability solutions. Ethereum faced temporary finality issues but showcased resilience in its price performance. Troubling updates surrounding the Terra project and its co-founder’s release on bail raised further questions about stability and transparency. Lastly, the debt ceiling debate poses risks to the financial system and stablecoins, with potential implications for market volatility.

Investors should closely monitor these developments and exercise caution when considering investments in the current market. The performance of top cryptocurrencies such as Carver, Bitcoin SV, Lido Finance, UNI, and Rocketpool indicates the dynamic nature of the market and the importance of thorough analysis before making investment decisions.

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