Crypto Hardware Wallets Ledger and Trezor Face Allegations: A Deep Dive into Recent Controversies


In recent developments, two prominent crypto hardware wallets, Ledger and Trezor, have come under scrutiny due to serious allegations surrounding their products. The allegations have raised concerns among crypto investors, prompting them to reevaluate their choice of hardware wallets. This article aims to provide an unbiased overview of the issues surrounding Ledger and Trezor, highlighting the key points from recent discussions.

Ledger’s Backdoor Controversy


The controversy surrounding Ledger began with the introduction of a new feature called Ledger Recover. The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Ledger, Charles Guinea, explained that Ledger Recover is an optional subscription service that offers users a backup of their secret recovery phrase. The service allows users to restore access to their wallets even if they have lost or damaged their Ledger device or recovery sheet.

While Ledger emphasized the importance of self-custody and maintaining the security of users’ private keys, concerns were raised about the potential risks associated with the new feature. Community members questioned whether Ledger had introduced a backdoor, to which the co-founder of Ledger responded, stating that encrypted shards of the seed phrase would be sent to different companies if users opted for the service.

Critics argued that this contradicted the fundamental principle of never inputting seed phrases onto the internet or connected devices, as it goes against the idea of cold storage. Additionally, previous data breaches experienced by Ledger further fueled concerns about the potential leakage of private keys from the enclave with future firmware updates.

Trezor’s CoinJoin Integration Raises Censorship Concerns


Trezor, another prominent hardware wallet manufacturer, faced a different controversy related to its integration with the privacy technology CoinJoin. The collaboration with Wasabi Wallet raised concerns among users about potential censorship issues. The terms of service of Wasabi Wallet, which provides the coin join feature to Trezor, reportedly allow for censorship, enabling the blocking of Bitcoin transactions related to activities such as buying guns, sexual content, alleged copyright violations, and credit repair services.

While the integration aimed to enhance privacy for users, critics argued that this collaboration could compromise decentralization and expose users to surveillance. The concern was primarily driven by Wasabi Wallet’s willingness to cooperate with governments and block transactions upon request, without providing explanations to users.

Reevaluating Hardware Wallet Choices

Given the controversies surrounding both Ledger and Trezor, some users have begun reevaluating their choice of hardware wallets. The concerns raised by these controversies have prompted individuals to explore alternative options such as Coldcard, BitBox, SafePal, and others.

It is important to note that these recent controversies do not necessarily indicate the end of the world for Ledger and Trezor users. However, they underscore the importance of staying informed and making individual decisions based on personal risk tolerance and security requirements.


The allegations surrounding Ledger and Trezor have sparked significant discussions within the crypto community. The controversies highlight the need for transparency, security, and privacy in the hardware wallet industry. As the situation evolves, users are encouraged to gather more information, evaluate the seriousness of the allegations, and make informed decisions regarding their hardware wallet choices.

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