Honda CRF 300L Rally Review


Long-Term Test Review: Honda CRF 300L Rally

Ian of Big Rock Moto wraps up the long-term test of the Honda CRF 300L Rally. While acknowledging the bike’s positive aspects, he shares why it doesn’t personally meet his needs. This review provides an overview of the pros and cons of the CRF 300L Rally, discusses the ideal rider profile, and shares Ian’s perspective on why the bike isn’t for him.

Pros of the Honda CRF 300L Rally:

  1. Unique Lightweight Adventure Bike: The CRF 300L Rally stands out as there are few direct competitors in the dual-sport touring or lightweight adventure bike segment.
  2. Honda Reliability: Being a Honda, the bike offers above-average reliability and benefits from the extensive Honda dealer network for parts and service.
  3. Lightweight: As an adventure travel or dual-sport bike, the CRF 300L Rally is relatively light, making it maneuverable on and off-road.
  4. Aftermarket Support: The bike enjoys a robust aftermarket support, offering a wide range of customization options to suit individual preferences.
  5. Wind Protection and Fuel Range: The addition of a fairing and larger fuel tank provide excellent wind protection and an extended fuel range, enhancing the bike’s touring capabilities.

Cons of the Honda CRF 300L Rally:

  1. Lack of Power: With around 25-26 horsepower, the bike lacks thrilling acceleration or passing power on highways, limiting its ability to keep up with fast-paced traffic.
  2. Comically Soft Suspension: The stock suspension is significantly undersprung, making it inadequate for riders of average weight. Upgrading the suspension is necessary for comfortable off-road riding.
  3. Seat Height: The bike’s seat height is relatively tall, which, combined with stiffer suspension upgrades, may pose challenges for shorter riders.
  4. Fragile Plastics: The bike’s plastics, particularly the fairing, are prone to damage in case of falls or tip-overs. Additional investments in crash bars may be required for added protection.

Ideal Rider Profile: The Honda CRF 300L Rally is suitable for riders who prefer a lightweight, reliable adventure or dual-sport bike without the bulk and expense of larger twin-cylinder models. It appeals to those seeking exploration and scenic rides rather than aggressive riding. The bike is not intended for high-speed travel or carrying passengers.

Personal Perspective: Ian shares his personal perspective, stating that the CRF 300L Rally doesn’t meet his requirements for excitement and adrenaline during motorcycle rides. He prefers motorcycles that offer a more thrilling experience and finds the bike’s suspension and performance lacking. Ian emphasizes that his perspective doesn’t diminish the bike’s value for riders who align with its intended purpose.

Conclusion: While the Honda CRF 300L Rally offers unique features, reliability, and lightweight adventure capabilities, its lack of power, soft suspension, and specific rider profile make it unsuitable for some enthusiasts. Ian encourages readers to consider their own preferences and requirements before making a purchasing decision. Ultimately, the CRF 300L Rally appeals to riders seeking a versatile and reliable lightweight adventure or dual-sport bike for exploring scenic routes.

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