BMW NineT: A Versatile Modern Classic Motorcycle


The BMW NineT is a motorcycle renowned for its versatility and customizability in the modern classic segment. With a perfect blend of classic styling and modern performance, the NineT offers riders the freedom to transform it into their desired style, whether it’s a flat tracker, café racer, or a unique custom build. In this article, we will delve into the features and riding experience of the BMW NineT, its value as a used bike, and important considerations for potential buyers.

Classic Styling Meets Modern Performance:

When the BMW NineT was first introduced, it disrupted the modern classic market. Standing apart from competitors like the Triumph Bonneville and Moto Guzzi V7 Racer, the NineT offered a combination of classic aesthetics and the performance of a modern motorcycle. Its air and oil-cooled 1200cc boxer engine, though polarizing, is renowned for its low-end power, smoothness, and grunty feel. It excels at providing an enjoyable riding experience, particularly when cruising at lower RPMs.

Customization Potential:

The NineT’s greatest allure lies in its customization potential. Built with the intention of being modified, the NineT allows riders to unleash their creativity. From altering the airbox and exhaust to adding aftermarket accessories, such as exhaust systems or custom bodywork, the NineT provides ample opportunities for personalization. This flexibility has made the NineT a favorite among enthusiasts who relish the opportunity to create unique bikes that reflect their individual tastes.

Premium Quality and Residual Value:

While the BMW NineT may have a higher price tag compared to its competitors in the modern classic market, it justifies the cost with its premium quality components. The motorcycle features top-of-the-line elements, including high-quality suspension components and braking systems, showcasing BMW’s commitment to manufacturing high-end motorcycles. Additionally, the engine, although an older generation, was the flagship powerplant for BMW at the time, ensuring reliability and performance.

In terms of residual value, the NineT has proven to hold its value well in the used market. Even older models from the early years of its release continue to command respectable prices, a testament to the enduring popularity and desirability of the NineT among buyers.

Riding Experience:

The BMW NineT delivers an engaging and enjoyable riding experience. Although not designed as a dedicated sports bike, it strikes a balance between a naked roadster and a sporty machine. The motorcycle is agile, responsive, and allows riders to feel connected to the road. As speeds increase, it remains composed but exhibits some suspension movement and chassis flex, providing feedback and a sense of pushing the bike’s limits—an aspect highly sought after by riders who prefer road-focused motorcycles.

Considerations When Buying a Used NineT:

When purchasing a used BMW NineT, it is important to consider a few factors. First and foremost, inspect the bike for any signs of corrosion, particularly around the engine cases. While BMW typically addresses such issues under warranty, a thorough inspection is recommended. Additionally, if buying a customized NineT, assess the quality of the modifications and ensure that the bike still functions and handles as it should. Pay attention to the consistency of bolt heads, as non-original bolts holding seats, panels, or mudguards may indicate improper modification or restoration.


The BMW NineT offers riders a versatile and exhilarating modern classic motorcycle. With its combination of classic styling and modern performance, it has carved a unique place in the market. The NineT’s customization potential and premium quality components make it a favorite among riders seeking a personalized and high-end retro-styled motorcycle. Whether you’re a fan of the boxer engine or simply looking for a motorcycle that offers a thrilling riding experience, the BMW NineT is a compelling choice.

Gerald Omondi
Gerald Omondi
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