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BMW has a long and storied history of producing high-quality motorcycles. One of the key features that have made BMW motorcycles so iconic is their Boxer engine. The Boxer engine, which is also known as a flat-twin engine, is a type of engine design where the cylinders are arranged in a horizontally opposed configuration, with the pistons moving in opposite directions. This design offers several advantages, including a low center of gravity, excellent balance, and good handling. In this article, we will explore the various Boxer engine models used by BMW over the years.

I. Air-Cooled Models (1923-1995)

The air-cooled Boxer engine was the first type of Boxer engine used by BMW. This engine was used in many classic BMW motorcycles, including the iconic R75, which was used by the German army during World War II. Some of the other models that used the air-cooled Boxer engine include:

  • R24 (250cc)
  • R25 (250cc)
  • R26 (250cc)
  • R27 (250cc)
  • R50 (500cc)
  • R60 (600cc)
  • R69 (600cc)
  • R75 (750cc)

II. Oil-Cooled Models (1993-2006)

The oil-cooled Boxer engine was introduced in the 1993 BMW R1100RS. This engine featured an oil-cooler that helped keep the engine temperature under control. The oil-cooled Boxer engine was used in several other models, including:

  • R1100RS (1,085cc)
  • R1100RT (1,085cc)
  • R1100GS (1,085cc)
  • R1150GS (1,130cc)
  • R1150RS (1,130cc)
  • R1150RT (1,130cc)
  • R1200C (1,170cc)
  • R1200CL (1,170cc)

III. Twin Spark Models (2004-2013)

The twin spark Boxer engine was introduced in 2004 with the R1200GS. This engine featured two spark plugs per cylinder, which improved combustion and performance. The twin spark Boxer engine was used in several other models, including:

  • R1200GS (1,170cc)
  • R1200GS Adventure (1,170cc)
  • R1200RT (1,170cc)
  • R1200R (1,170cc)
  • HP2 Enduro (1,170cc)
  • HP2 Megamoto (1,170cc)
  • HP2 Sport (1,170cc)

IV. DOHC Models (2010-2013)

The DOHC (double overhead camshaft) Boxer engine was introduced in 2010 with the HP2 Sport. This engine featured four valves per cylinder and dual overhead camshafts, which improved performance and efficiency. The DOHC Boxer engine was used in two models, including:

  • HP2 Sport (1,170cc)
  • R1200GS (1,170cc)

V. Water-Cooled Models (2013-present)

The water-cooled Boxer engine was introduced in 2013 with the R1200GS. This engine featured liquid cooling, which improved performance and reduced emissions. The water-cooled Boxer engine is currently used in several other models, including:

  • R1200GS (1,170cc)
  • R1200GS Adventure (1,170cc)
  • R1200RT (1,170cc)
  • R1200RS (1,170cc)
  • R1200R (1,170cc)
  • R nineT (1,170cc)
  • R nineT Pure (1,170cc)

VI. ShiftCam Models (2019-present)

The ShiftCam Boxer engine was introduced in 2019 with the R1250GS. This engine features variable valve timing, which adjusts the valve timing and lift based on the engine’s speed and load. This improves performance and fuel efficiency across the entire RPM range. The ShiftCam Boxer engine is currently used in several other models, including:

  • R1250GS (1,254cc)
  • R1250GS Adventure (1,254cc)
  • R1250RT (1,254cc)
  • R1250RS (1,254cc)
  • R1250R (1,254cc)
  • R nineT (1,254cc)
  • R nineT Pure (1,254cc)
  • R nineT Scrambler (1,254cc)

VII. GS1200 Models (2004-2013)

The BMW GS1200 is a popular adventure touring motorcycle that is powered by the twin spark Boxer engine. The GS1200 was introduced in 2004 and has gone through several updates over the years. The GS1200 is currently available in several variations, including the GS1200 Adventure and GS1200 Rallye. The GS1200 features a 1,170cc twin spark Boxer engine that delivers 110 horsepower and 88 lb-ft of torque.


BMW’s Boxer engine has been a mainstay in the world of motorcycles for nearly a century. From the air-cooled models of the 1920s to the latest ShiftCam models, BMW’s Boxer engine has evolved and improved over the years. Whether you’re looking for a classic air-cooled BMW motorcycle or a modern water-cooled model, there’s a Boxer engine BMW motorcycle that’s perfect for you.

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