Do Snakes Sleep


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Yes, snakes do sleep! In fact, they spend a good chunk of their lives sleeping. Snakes are most active at dawn and dusk, so they tend to sleep during the day. At night, they may hunt for food or bask in the cooler temperatures. Snakes don’t have eyelids, so they can’t close their eyes. Instead, they will often coil up and rest with their heads tucked in, or find a dark, sheltered spot to sleep in.

Snakes Have No Eye Lids

python sleeping on a branch
A Green Python sleeping on a branch

Most people don’t know this, but snakes actually don’t have eyelids! This is because their eyes are protected by a clear scale called the brille. The brille covers the eye and helps to keep it clean and moist. It also protects the eye from being damaged by debris or scratches.

Since snakes don’t have eyelids, they can’t close their eyes to sleep. Instead, they will often coil up and rest with their heads tucked in. They may also find a dark, sheltered spot to sleep in.

How To Know A Snake Is Sleeping

There are a few things you can look for to tell if your snake is sleeping:

• Your snake will be coiled up and not moving.

• Your snake’s eyes will be open, but they will look dull and unfocused.

• Your snake may be hanging from a branch or other object.

• Your snake may be buried in leaves or other substrate.

• Your snakes tongue will not be flicking in and out.

How To Make It Easier For Your Pet Snake To Sleep

Just like any other animal, snakes need a comfortable and safe place to sleep. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your pet snake has a good place to sleep:

• Provide a hide box or other shelter for your snake to sleep in. This can be anything from a cardboard box to a fancy reptile house.

• Keep the temperature in your snake’s enclosure consistent. Snakes like cool temperatures at night, so a drop in temperature can help them sleep.

• Keep the humidity in your snake’s enclosure at the right level. Too much or too little humidity can make it difficult for your snake to sleep.

• Keep the noise level down around your snake’s enclosure. Loud noises can disturb your snake’s sleep.

• Keep the light level low around your snake’s enclosure. Bright lights can also disturbed your snake’s sleep.

If you provide a comfortable and safe environment for your pet snake, it will be able to sleep soundly and stay healthy.

Interesting Facts About Snakes and Sleeping

green snake sleeping
Green Snake Sleeping

• Snakes don’t dream like humans do, but they do have a sleep cycle that includes both light and deep sleep.

• Snakes will often shed their skin while they are sleeping. This helps them get rid of any parasites that may be on their skin.

• Some snakes, like pythons, will eat before they go to sleep. This helps them digest their food properly and prevent indigestion.

• Some snakes, like rattlesnakes, will rattle their tails before they go to sleep. This helps them scare away any predators that may be nearby.

Whether you’re a snake owner or just curious about these slithering creatures, learning more about their sleep habits can be fascinating. So, the next time you see a snake napping in the sun, remember that it’s just getting some well-deserved rest.

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